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            Zhaoqing Spray Painting Factory Shares: Metal Surface Painting Technology
            Category: Company News
            Date: 2018-08-08
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            Metal surface painting technology, metal surface painting technology is suitable for general, intermediate mixed color paint engineering applied to

            Metal surface painting technology, metal surface painting technology is suitable for general, intermediate mixed color paint engineering applied to steel doors and windows and metal surface of general construction. Matters needing attention:

            1. The construction of paint must be carried out within the indoor temperature required by the product. Different products have different temperature requirements, which can be found in product packaging or instructions.

            2. Each process ensures that the drying party carries out the second process.

            3. Do not mix different types of paints with the same base to avoid adverse reactions.

            4. Safety measures, such as masks, should be taken during construction.

            5. Keep indoor ventilation to prevent poisoning.

            6. When using some corrosive paints such as Tiannaoshui, we should wear rubber gloves.

            7. Do not smoke or use open fire at the construction site to prevent fire or explosion.

            8. Avoid forced construction in high humidity or cold conditions.

            9. If there are gaps in ceiling or wooden partition that need to be covered up, it can be treated with atomic ash and then affixed with high-quality anti-crack adhesive tape. The cracks on the wall can be scratched and cracked and filled with gypsum for treatment, and then affixed with high-quality anti-crack adhesive tape. Then paint the surface.

            Stainless steel parts and other paint spraying, generally spraying is sheet metal and castings more, roughly speaking, the operation process, paint is good or bad, the key is the grass-roots treatment. As long as you know for sure that you are a painter, first deal with the oxide layer, welding joints, welding slag, sheet metal surface oxidation treatment; spray a primer, big grinding, scraping putty polishing, spray two primers, grinding, looking for putty, polishing; spray one coat, grinding, looking for red ash; water grinding, spraying two coat, water grinding, looking for red ash, Spray paint, water mill, spray a topcoat, water mill, spray two topcoats, dry polishing will be fine. If the requirement of mirror effect is higher! Suitable for small pieces! Before spraying the primer, the general electrophoresis Points depend on the requirements and materials.

            Zhaoqing Xin Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is a die-casting and painting processing plant in Zhaoqing. Its business scope covers Zhaoqing, Foshan and other places. The company was founded in 2010 (registration time is 2012). The company is located in the north of Jintao Industrial Park, Jinli Town, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. The plant covers an area of 30 mu. The total investment is 30 million yuan and the annual output value is 150 million yuan. Main business: security accessories, automobile year matching, communication accessories, lighting accessories, furniture accessories. It has 400T-1, 280T-4, 200T-5, 180T-5 horizontal injection moulding machines, 5 vertical injection moulding machines, 40 CNC numerical control lathes, a batch of post-casting processing equipment and 2 large spraying lines. The company has a mold R&amp;D and manufacturing department, and can develop die-casting molds for customers. The company has passed ISO 9001 (2015) certification of quality management system and ISO 1400 of environmental management system.

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