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            What is the difference between aluminium die casting and aluminium die casting?
            Category: Company News
            Date: 2018-08-07
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            Author: admin
            Everyone knows that the adhesion of aluminium alloy surface is poor. It is very difficult for direct spraying paint to have good adhesion with the surface of aluminium material. Even if it is appl


            There are many products of aluminium die-casting, and we often see them in our daily life: the endless stream of cars running on the road, street lamp poles on the street, mobile phones in the hands of pedestrians are all products of aluminium die-casting.

            Aluminum die-casting and aluminium alloy die-casting are only one word apart, so many people will mix them up. In fact, the two kinds of die-casting are different. In order to help us better distinguish between aluminium die-casting and aluminium alloy die-casting, we will elaborate on their performance characteristics, application scope and manufacturing advantages. The differences between the two are described. When customers buy die-casting products, they can also better choose suitable die-casting products according to their own needs.

            Aluminum is the main raw material for aluminium die-casting. After heating the aluminium material to liquid state, it is injected into the die-casting machine mould, and then it is molded by die-casting, which is the basic process of aluminium die-casting. Aluminum has good mobility and plasticity, so it is widely used in die-casting industry, and the parts made of aluminium are beautiful in appearance, coupled with the low price of aluminium, so the production cost is greatly reduced, creating more wealth for enterprises.

            Aluminum alloy die casting is mainly made of alloys and aluminium. Aluminum alloy die casting has good glossiness. After forming the die castings, Zhaoqing Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Plant needs polishing treatment. When polishing the aluminium alloy die casting, adding some nitric acid can restrain corrosion, improve polishing brightness and improve polishing quality. The treated aluminium alloy die castings have good smoothness and brightness. Aluminum alloy die casting is generally used in electronics, motors and other industries, its performance is more perfect, and toughness is large, is an important part of mechanical parts.

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